Label Wines' Food & Wine Guide

Label Wines' Food & Wine Guide

This section will explain in more detail the Food recommendations and symbols found on the individual products in the Label Wines wineshop and all our supporting material. 

This wine can be served as a welcoming drink at receptions, dinner parties etc, and can also easily be enjoyed a stand alone drink without the company of food.

These wines are fine companions to you favourite desserts. When picking you dessert, make sure to read the fine print of each wine for the best possible match with you sweet or savoury showstopper.  
Wines in this category will supplement a variety of seafood dishes. If you need even more specification, for example to match salmon or prawns, please read more on each wine description.
The wines here will suit a variety of poultry meats like chicken, duck, quail and turkey. Make sure you check each wine description for more details.
No surprise here! These wines matches well with lamb… But as an extension, they will also go well with mutton and other similar dishes.

The cheese matching wines are fairly diverse, and your selection should reflect the types of cheeses you are serving, and whether they are served as a snack or a dessert.

Wines matched with pasta will to some extent depend on the ingredients used in the pasta dish. The benchmark in this category is milder, vegetable dominated or creamy pasta dishes.
The wines matched against beef will have sufficient tannins, strength and structure to stand up to the power of the meat. Using these wines in sauces for the dish can create an even better match.
Matching wine to pork is no easy treat, and the wines in this category will have a very careful structure suitable for the light pork meat, even when the deliciously fatty crackling bits are included.
This is another category in need of powerful wines. Game meats are fairly diverse, but as a guide you can say that the bigger the game the more powerful the wine to match.


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