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How long does your wine keep for?

All our wines on offer in the wine shop are ready for consumption right away, but many of them can also be cellared for a few years. Please refer to the product description of each wine for details.

For details on cellaring wine, please click here

I’ve received my wine, but there is a problem. What should I do?
Oh no! We’re really sorry – please contact us immediately, so we can arrange for a remedy. We always try our best to avoid any problems, but unfortunately these things happen from time to time.
Why the screw-cap?
Screw-cap wines have perhaps a deserved but outdated reputation as cheap, insignificant and low quality wines. In fact, there are studies suggesting that these wines may hold up over time better and tend to store and age at a more predictable rate than wines with artificial or natural cork toppings. Corks don’t always protect wines as well as they should, and plastic “imitation corks” may not be perfect at the job for storing wines either. Australian winemakers have pioneered the movement towards the screw-top, which has led to a number of high quality screw-cap wines, simply because the newer caps may actually mean better storage in the bottle. Read more here.
What is organic wine?

Organic wine is produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and artificial fertilizers on the vineyard, and without unnatural wine additives which are residual in the end product. The result is wines with flavours that better represent where they are from, and not least wines with less toxins and allergens in the finished product making them more likely to suit people experiencing adverse reactions to certain wine ingredients.

To read more about two of our organic partners Tamburlaine (AU) and Mount Patriarch (NZ), please click here

What are sulphites in wine?
Sulphites occur naturally in all wines to some extent, and they are commonly introduced to arrest fermentation at a desired time, and may also be added to wine as preservatives to prevent spoilage and oxidation at several stages of the winemaking. Without Sulphites, grape juice would turn to vinegar. Organic wines usually contain less sulphite, but they are not necessarily sulphite-free. In general, sweet (dessert) wines contain more sulphites than dry wines, and white wines contain more than red wines.
What is a "cleanskin"?

So called cleanskin wines are a key part of the Label Wines range, as these are the wines on which we apply our own Label. Applied to wine terms, a cleanskin means “quality wine, at a good price, without a label”. Cleanskin wine is produced at wineries in all the main wine growing regions of Australia.

But, isn't that just like buying generic brand food at a supermarket?

Not at all - generic brand supermarket products tend to be of a lesser quality than the top brands and there is generally no information on the manufacturer. Our cleanskin wines are made by the top boutique wineries in the top wine growing regions in the country. They have just chosen to offload some of their wine without a label to save cost and move product – you can still identify the vintage, what grapes went into it and where it was made. And take advantage of great quality wines and lower than usual prices.

What do you mean by "Boutique Wine"

Boutique Wines, at the most basic level, is a term used to refer to a small winery and vineyard  that provides the public with specialized wine products and services. According to Robert Giorgione, an award-winning sommelier and wine specialist, it can be defined as a small shop or a specialty department, where it is not necessarily about the sales, but of the output and overall size of the production within the winery. To him, the term can be applied if the winery takes part in creating less than 5,000 cases per year. The winery should also be involved in a particular niche marketplace, driven by passion, individuality, and creativity in the products they make for the public.

At Label Wines this is very accurate for most, if not all, wineries we work with, and with our logistical solution we are proud to be able to supply such niche, high-quality boutique wines to customers around the world. The unique fact that we are able to effectively distribute such previously local wines is also why we use our slogan "Label Wines - bringing boutique wines to you".

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