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Can I order wine online in Norway & Sweden?

YES! From 1 July 2009, the Norwegian authorities opened up for private imports of alcoholic beverages without the need for any pre-approval or application. The new regulations followed a similar change in Sweden and they were both enforced by EU regulators.

As a result, any private individual in Norway and Sweden over the legal drinking age are now allowed to purchase as much wine as they like from abroad, as there are no restrictions on volume as long as the wine is for private consumption. Resale of the wine is not allowed, and by placing an order with us you confirm that the wine will be used for private consumption.

For more information about private import please click here

How about the taxes and duties?

The import will be subject to import tax and duty when clearing customs and the individual is responsible for the payment of all such charges arising from the import. However, the handling of this process including the payment of the charges can be done by another party, like Label Wines. For Norway, Label Wines has included the cost of all such taxes and duties in the retail price, and Label Wines will provide an immediate refund of charges in the unlikely event that any taxes or duties gets charged towards the customer.

For Sweden, a resident can now via our partner in The Netherlands buy wine from the Label Wines webshop, and the buyer is then responsible for declaring the purchase to the Swedish customs in advance and paying the Swedish taxes. All prices in the webshop is therefore without any such taxes, and Label Wines will not take any responsibility for such taxes arising from Swedish customers ordering on our site. For more information, visit the Swedish Customs website.

Taxes and duties will be charged from the first bottle in cases where the alcohol is brought to the country in a shipment. No tax-free allowance exists.

What do I need to do to import wine?
For Norway, just place your order with Label Wines, and we will do the rest. There is no need for any import application, and by placing your order and accepting our terms & conditions you authorise Label Wines to organize the customs clearance for you. By doing this you also confirm that the wine will be for private consumption and not used for sale or revenue generating activities. That’s all there is to it!

For Sweden, you will need to arrange for the payment of customs and duties before the wine arrives into Sweden.

For other countries, simply place an order on our website, and make sure you have taken all necessary import precautions in your country.

Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions for further information.

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