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What is the Wine Club @ Label Wines ?

The Wine Club concept at Label Wines provides our customers with an access to a unique community for people interested in wine, where you will be able to discuss and share wine and wine related experiences and knowledge on our newsfeed called The Grapevine, and also connect with new wine-friends and organize events, coordinate wine imports and much more. Through these connections and interactions, Label Wines will also be able to provide very cost effective offers for wine deliveries.

The Wine Club also allows for members to subscribe to regularly delivered wine packages, personally put together by the sommeliers and wine experts at Label Wines in accordance with each members chosen preferences and price range. Each member will also be given the opportunity to make changes to their selelcted wines ahead of each delivery.

The Wine Club concept provides a seamless way for Label Wines to connect our members, thus allowing us to coordinate events, pass on useful information, join together shipping and customs clearance, and provide customized products and services - all to the benefit of our members. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us should you require any further information about our Wine Club.

You must be of legal drinking age in your country to join the wine club.

What does a Wine Club membership mean?

By becoming either a Vintage or Riserva member in our Wine Club, you will instantly be able to benefit from the communal cost reduction related to shipping, customs clearance and final delivery, and also get access to special offers, events and promotions.

A Wine Club membership is a pre-requisite for accessing the Grapewine newsfeed, and also in certain countries for purchasing wines through our online Wine Shop. The entry level Vintage Membership is completely FREE, and does not come with any commitment to purchase our products or any duties to follow up on. All it means is that you register as a user on our website in order to team up with fellow friends and wine lovers in order to potentially reap cost and logistical benefits if you wish to at any point. No strings attached!

However, if you want to sign up for regular supply of our high quality wines, personally put together by our sommeliers in accordance with your selected preferences, then the Riserva Membership is the one for you. And not only does this take all the hassle out of the purchase process, it also provides you with even better offers on the wines, discounted delivery, access to special events and the potential to receive even more benefits by recommending the same service to your friends. Riserva memberships are only available in certain delivery countries, so if you can't see any active Subscription Packages for your delivery country, please send us an e-mail on to discuss further options.  

How does the Subscriptions work?

When signing up as a Riserva Member in our Wine Club, you will also sign up to receive one of our 12 bottle Subscription Packages delivered to you twice a year. You are of course also welcome to register for more than one subscription. And you will be given the option to make changes to your selected wines ahead of each delivery. 

At the time of signing up for such a Subscription Box, you will receive your first delivery within a month of the sign-up date. The timing of your second Subscription delivery will depend on how close to our regular scheduled shipment dates you sign up. We are processing the periodic subscriptions on 1 December and 1 June, and if you have signed up within 2 months of these dates, you will not receive a delivery on passing the next processing date unless you instruct us otherwise.

Example 1: if you sign up on 15 October, you will receive your initial package before 15 November. You will not get another box on December 1, but receive your first scheduled box on June 1.  

Example 2: if you sign up on 15 August, you will receive your initial package before 15 September. You will then receive your first scheduled box on December 1.

When signing up, you commit to receiving at least two of the Subscription boxes. After that, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. You are of course also always free to skip one or more subscription packages by letting us know ahead of the processing dates (1 June and 1 December).
See Terms & Conditions for full details.

What is The Grapevine?

The Grapevine is our very own online wine community, where all our members can exchange wine experiences, share wine related photos and videos, host wine events, and communicate both with Label Wines and all other registered members. The Grapewine also provides access to our Wine Mates network of registered members, with whom you can interact and link up with in order to unlock further savings and benefits. 

Access to The Grapevine only requires registration as a Vintage member on our website, which is free for everyone and without any commitments. You may, however, choose to upgrade to our Riserva membership, which will improve your access and available options for The Grapevine, in addition to unlock several other benefits. 

Click here to read more and sign up.

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