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How much does delivery cost?

The cost of delivery is detailed in the “Delivery” section of the check out process. All delivery charges are based upon the weight of the ordered goods and where the delivery address is located.

The costs will vary from being free (i.e. included in quoted price) in certain defined areas, to a pre-determined charge depending on weight and/or location in other defined areas.

For delivery outside the defined areas, please contact Label Wines and we will then provide you with a quote for the delivery costs specific to your order. Label Wines reserves the right to cancel an order at its own discretion should the specifications be such that delivery is not feasible. The customer is also free to cancel an order if the quoted delivery charge is not acceptable. Label Wines will in these cases provide an immediate refund of all payments made towards the order.

For large or particular orders, if we find a more economical method of delivery than the one selected, we will contact you to discuss this.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

How long will it take to get my order?

Delivery times will depend on shipping method (sea, air, land) and place of delivery. For all online orders to any of our listed European destinations (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, the UK and Italy), your wines will be delivered to you within 2 weeks, but often even quicker. Orders placed as part of a Special Sale will be dispatched immediately after the sale end date. For other orders, these will often require group shipping, sometimes all the way from Australia, and all delivery times will be individually confirmed

Label Wines will always endeavour to get back to you with estimated delivery dates as quickly as possible after placement, regardless of how your order was placed. You might also receive communications directly from some of our logistics and delivery partners.

Label Wines is committed to delivering the purchased goods as soon as possible within our logistical framework, and will constantly try and inform the customers of the current expected delivery times both when announcing sales, during the order process and in subsequent correspondence. If at any point we foresee any delays, we will try and contact you to let you know. Should you at any point have further questions related to a delivery, please e-mail us right away on

Where do you ship to?

It is probably easier to say where we’re not shipping to. For licensing reasons, we do not currently ship to any parts of Australia from our online store. We currently have automatic delivery options available in our webshop for Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, The UK, Germany, Italy and France. Upon request we can also provide quotes for delivery to most other markets, including the rest of Europe, the Americas and Asia. Simply drop us an e-mail on

For more information about delivery in Norway and Sweden, see separate section.

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