Our Story

"Live your dream"

This story begins with a married Norwegian couple and a dream of combining travels, business, professional challenges and the good life. Together we started to plan for our trip to Australia in January 2005, and 6 months and some tear dripping farewells later the bags were packed and the adventure started.
Initially the trip to Oz was meant as a shorter term experience, but the Australian lifestyle, attitude and opportunities quickly made us feel at home, and surrounded by a fantastic group of people either living in Sydney or visiting on holidays the experience has now turned into a life downunder. But our desire to travel has remained, making a business venture requiring frequent trips back to Europe a perfect match. Doubt many can say that they get welcomed back with open arms by friends and family during business trips!  

Anyone who’s ever been to Australia knows that their wine is a central part of the lifestyle, and a perfect companion to their beaches and barbeques. And with the famous wine region Hunter Valley a short drive away, our interest in this intriguing grape juice started to grow. By visiting friendly and inviting wine cellars in smaller family owned vineyards producing incredible wines in beautiful surroundings, it became very clear that Australian wine is a lot more than the mass produced export wines usually found overseas. And with this realization a desire grew to share this experience of australian wine.
Through our academic studies and work experience within international finance, multi-national corporations and start-up ventures, the world of business has long played an integral part of our lives. But arriving in Sydney, we quickly realized that business doesn’t need to define our lives. Rather we should try and define our life dreams, and use business as one of the tools to make them happen.
And here we are, ready to combine our business background with our love for Australian wines, in a setting that will send both us and Australian wines out into the world.

     Will it be a success?  Possibly
     Will it make us rich?  Probably not
     Will it result in a dream life?  Who knows
     Is it worthwhile trying to live our dream?  Absolutely !

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Maybe this is a good time to order some wine and start making sure you live your dream?
- Line Cicilie & Andreas -

 Please feel free to send us an email on linecicilie@labelwines.com or andreas@labelwines.com

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